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Step 1

Select Your Length & Color Preference

Each month you’ll receive the latest style curated by our stylist to help you achieve the best look and style. You know what color you like so, we’d never send you a black wig if your preference is brown. Nope, not us!

Step 2

Join our
Exclusive List

Free shipping for members and you’ll receive a new wig each month. This will allow you to change your look each month for

Only $44.99

Step 3

New Wig. New You.

Each month when you receive your “ New Girl” in the mail. But before you wear her we will give you access to our member link that has curated each wig for look and style. This will allow you to see all the tricks of the trade so, your wig will look like you’ve just left a high end salon. Shhhhhh, it’s our little secret and only available to members.